The Season of Reflection has arrived and so has the opportunity to enjoy traditional delights made exclusively to observe this celebration.

7. Shrimp Tequila Dinner 14.95

Grilled fresh jumbo shrimp, marinated with our secret Tequila sauce, served with vegetables, accompanied with rice.

8. JR'S Pan seared, breaded or frito Huachinango 12.95

Huachinango (Red Snapper fillet) marinated to perfection with a latin twist, accompanied with five jumbo shrimp, with a choice of French fries or grilled vegetables. Whole fish when requested.

9. Fish Tacos 8.95

10. Chipotle Lime Shrimp 14.95

This plate combines the smoky, sweet and creamy taste of our fresh Chipotle peppers and lime sauce with fresh gulf shrimp. Served with Guacamole, rice and side salad.

11. Shrimp Brochette 13.95

Eight Jumbo Shrimp wrapped with bacon, stuffed with Monterrey Jack cheese and a slice of bell pepper. Served with rice, beans, Guacamole, sour cream and Pico de Gallo.

12. Shrimp Cocktail 9.95

Chilled cooked shrimp in a Mexican shrimp cocktail sauce, with avocado, onion, Cilantro and peppers on the side.

13. Shrimp Enchiladas 8.95

Two Enchiladas filled with chopped jumbo shrimp sauteed in butter sauce and covered with sour cream sauce, served with rice and beans.

14. Ceviche Tostadas 7.95

Huachinango Frito 14.95

15. Huachinango a la Veracruzana 14.95

16. Sizzling Tilapia Plate 13.95

Fresh Tilapia with two shrimp brochette on a bed of grilled vegetables, served with rice and beans, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and sour cream.

17. Shrimp Nachos 5.95/9.50