Bienvenido to Los Lupes Catering Company!

My Name is Joe M. Ramirez, owner of Los Lupes Restaurants. Our restaurants have been family owned and operated for over 40 years. We have been catering events for the past thirty years.
Our banquets department includes a full mobile cater-transport system to serve our customers at anytime at any place.


A la Carte $4.95 ( Pricing for 101-150 Guest)

Chips, hot sauce and Queso

$1.95 per person. Add Guacamole for $0.95 p/person

Quesadillas (4 Count)

Jack and Cheddar cheeses on a flour tortilla, with your choice of Beef or Chicken Fajita, Spinach and Mushrooms. Served with Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream and guacamole on the side.

Shrimp Brochettes (3 Count)

Jumbo Shrimp wrapped with bacon, stuffed with Monterrey Jack Cheese and a slice of bell pepper.

Shrimp Cocktail & Cocktail Sauce (10 Count)

Chilled cooked shrimp in a Mexican Shrimp cocktail sauce, with avocado, onion, cilantro and peppers on the side.

Tapas (2 Count)

Samplers of our Carnitas, Carne al Pastor or Barbacoa. Served on a corn tortilla with cilantro, onions and pico de gallo.

Tamales and Chili Sauce (8 oz.)

The Original Lupe Ramirez pork tamale recipe. Serve with Chili Sauce on the side.

Pozole (8 oz.)

Stew made from hominy, with pork, Cascabel chile, and other seasonings and garnish with cabbage, cilantro, radish, limes and fresh jalape�os.

Menudo (8 oz.)

Sometimes called the remedy cure for all that is wrong! Slowly cooked for the best taste.

Los Lupes Classic Ceviche (6 oz.)

Red Snapper mixed with Shrimp and Pico de Gallo.


( Pricing for 101-150 Guest)

Enchilada Dinner $7.95

Your choice of two enchiladas, cheese, sour cream chicken, beef, or spinach, with choice of sauce. Served with rice and beans

Combination Plate $9.95

Your choice of the five of the following: Rice, Beans, Cheese Enchilada, Guiso ( Beef Tips), Tamales, Beef Burrito, Crispy Taco or Chicken Enchilada. Choices of Cheese or Chili Sauce

Fajitas $9.95

Beef or Chicken grilled with onions and bell peppers, served with homemade flour tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, cheese and refried beans
? Add Costillas or Shrimp Brochette for $2.00 (2 Count)

Taco dinner $7.95

Soft or crispy. Choice of two beef or chicken, served with rice and refried beans.


( Pricing for 101-150 Guest)

Steak a la Mexicana $14.95

A selected Rib Eye steak spiced to perfection, served in bite-size pieces, mixed with Ranchero sauce. Served with rice, beans, and guacamole.

Combo Fajita platter $11.95

Beef and chicken fajita, served with two of our jumbo shrimp brochette, served with rice and charro beans.

Carne Asada $10.95

Tender grilled beef skirt steak. Served with charro beans, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Pollo Acapulco $10.95

Grilled chicken breast, four gulf shrimp. Topped with Salsa Ranchera and Jack cheese, served with grilled vegetables, guacamole, refried beans and rice.

Trompo $10.95

Los Lupes Trompo

Choose from ten exotic meats. The plate will contain 3 meats, one of which is displayed on the Trompo (gyro). The meal is accompanied with diced onions, limes, Tortillas and Cilantro. This comes with 3 homemade Trompo Salsas, rice and your choice of Charros or refried beans.
Add $125 for attendant.

Molcajete Plate $14.95

This dish contains roasted tomatoes, a pinch of sea salt, fresh garlic cloves and jalape�o peppers ground fresh in the Molcajete. Salsa made the original way! Add fresh roasted nopales (cactus) on a bed of fresh melted Monterrey cheese topped with beef, chicken fajita and grilled shrimp. Served with Guacamole, rice and your choice of Charro or refried beans.
Add $125 for attendant.

Los Lupes� platter $13.95

This special combination includes chicken and beef Fajita, shrimp brochette and pork costillas (ribs), served with rice and charro beans.

Tequila Shrimp $12.95

Twelve grilled gulf shrimp, marinated with our secret Tequila sauce, served with vegetables, accompanied with rice.

Tacos Al Carbon $11.95

Three flour or corn tortillas filled with fajita beef or chicken, onions and bell peppers. Served with charro beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

Carne Guisada Alegre $10.95

Beef tips marinated in a special blend of sauce covered with jack cheese, served on parrilla sticks, with beans, rice and guacamole.


( Pricing A la Carte for 101-150 Guest)

Flan $1.95

The popular Spanish version of Cr�me Caramel.

Sopapillas $1.75

Our unique crisp, puffy, deep fried pastry.

Tres leches Cake $3.95

Made from scratch using the finest ingredients.

There are special packages reserved for all catering.

Fondue choice: � Milk Chocolate � Colored Chocolate (to match theme)

Serving time: 1.5 hours - MINIMUM OF 50 GUESTS. Unlike other caterers, our fountain is FREE. We do not charge for chocolate, take down, clean up, or delivery. The charge is only for the dipping items at $2.75. This includes five items. Each additional item is $0.75. There is a service fee of $120 to pay for the professional attendant.
That's only $395 for 100 guests!


A la Carte $1.95
(Pricing for 101-150 guest)

Water, Iced Tea, Sodas (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Big Red, Mist Twist and Mug Root Beer ), Orange Juice and Coffee

Catering Price List
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-If no answer or busy signal leave your contact information, event date and other relevant information and we will return your call shortly.

Service Menu

Serving times are scheduled based on the guest count at the event.
50 Guest & 150: 1 hour
151 Guest & over: 1.5 hours

Normal serving time is 1 hour for up to 150 guest at no charge. Over 150 guests will require an additional serving line at an extra charge.
Additional time is billed at $100.00 per half-hour. Additional serving line will be charged $195.
Cleaning & Pick Up service is available based on the venue size and guest count.
Traditional Mexican Decorations may be added to any package, please speak to a consultant for details.

First Class Limousine
Service Available
• Flat screen TV
• Up to 4hrs of service
• Full bar
• Professional Chauffeur
Discounts apply when booking full service catering.

Why choose Los Lupes for your catering needs?

  • We are a restaurant, our freshness is guaranteed

  • Our On-Site Serving Pricing includes serving staff (A normal charge by others)

  • No Set-Up Fees ( A normal charge by others)

  • Our staff is directly employed by us, they are not contract laborers

  • Capable of cooking Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Traditional American

  • Tableware upgrades include complete setting

  • Entertainment and limousine services are employed by us

  • Clean up during and after event offered

  • Capable of providing security for the event

  • General Liability Insurance

  • TABC Certified to serve alcohol off premise

  • Professional mobile-cater transport system

We are equipped with a full mobile cater-transportation. Your food will be transported in insulated suitcases, to insure warmth and freshness.

The delivery service includes serving utensils, tableware such as plates, forks, knives, spoons and napkins.